Basic Defense

So, Wait a Second…How Do You Block?!

By praying you don’t get hit.

More seriously, there are 3 types of blocking in Dragon Ball FighterZ: Stand Blocking, Crouch Blocking, and Air Blocking.

Nappa air, crouch, and stand blocks this sequence perfectly!

Stand Blocking will block all Mid and Overhead attacks, and is inputted by holding 4.  Crouch Blocking will block all Mid and Low attacks and is inputted by holding 1.  Notice how you have to hold Down and Back in the form of 1 in order to crouch block.  You will not be able to crouch block by holding down 2 or 3, but it will crouch for you nonetheless.

Air Blocking will block all attacks, and is inputted by holding 7, 4, or 1 while airborne.  Since you are airborne, there is no Overhead or Low Mix-ups that affect you while you are air blocking.  You must be standing for those attack properties to matter.  In theory, air blocking might sound like the ideal way to block everything in the game since it nullifies the mix-up of having to block high or low, and in a lot of ways, it IS the preferred way to block things. HOWEVER, it must be noted that air blocking does have its faults.

Nappa holding Up+Back (7) protected him for the first 2 hits, but Cell’s staggered 5H caught Nappa’s pre-jump frames.

To start with, when you air block an attack, you are put into more block stun as opposed to if you block something grounded, which means you have to wait longer than usual before you can retaliate with a button, thus giving your opponent more advantage.  In addition, air blocking isn’t something that can be instantaneously executed immediately after jumping.  There is a window of 4 frames upon inputting a jump where you are vulnerable to attacks AND still considered grounded.  This means that you will not be able to block or be considered airborne until the 5th frame of your jump.  Be careful when attempting to hold 7 or any variation of jump guarding in the middle of block strings, and be mindful that you need to allow yourself a little bit of time after jumping in order to be able to block.  Being caught in your pre-jump frames can result in a great deal of grounded damage.

I can’t block perfectly! What happens if I get hit? Click Tien to go to “Basic Defense: Recovery”
What’s hitting me again? Click Trunks to go to “Basic Offense: Special Attacks and Super Dashes”