Other Mechanics and Systems


2 like-minded Hits perform 2 like-minded hits
Clashes are admittedly a mechanic that may not happen in every match, but are important to know about.  A clash will occur when two physical attacks make contact at the same time (More technically, when two hitboxes intersect).  Rather than a trade, you will get this swift flashy animation of sparks that fill up the screen!  Once a Clash occurs, both character’s attacks will retain interesting properties.  You can’t jump cancel a clash, but you can cancel your clash into any other attack.  That means if 6M overhead is a clashed button, you can cancel it into any air button of your choice!
Hit has had enough of Hit hitting buttons after 6M doesn’t hit, and is gonna hit Hit with a Smash hit after the Hit’s light hit clashes to tell Hit he knows he’s hitting buttons.

Clashes are really swift, which means they’re quite difficult to react to on the fly.  Having the ability to react to a clash could be beneficial, since you’d essentially be able to steal pressure from your opponent, maybe even sometimes punish, but having this skill in the heat of a match for a situation that so rarely occurs could be difficult.  HOWEVER, since Guard Breaks (6M) are 0 on block, there might be some interesting exploits you can use to your advantage against an opponent if they like to mash after blocking it.  For example, maybe after having your 6M blocked, your opponent always mashes reversal 5L.  You can surprise them by also meeting them with a 5L and a tacked on button to punish after the clash (Protip: Once you do it, shrug it off like it was unintentional for optimal mind games).  There could be other ways to set up this situation, but it would require lab time to figure out and is most certainly a preemptive type of setup.  Check your frame data, test your options, and pull off some amazing high-level Clash setups to dumbfound your opponent!

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