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Dragon Balls and Shenron

The Almighty Shenron!

We’ve already covered a plethora of topics in this tutorial, and yet there’s still one more system to discuss.  Admittedly, ‘Shenron’ was put at the end of the tutorial because it is not seen very often and very unlikely to be seen in intermediate level matches and higher.  However, it is not completely unlikely to occur, and is a lingering possibility in any given match that should be taken advantage of if the opportunity arises.

All of the Dragon Balls.

Before talking about Shenron though, let’s talk about Dragon Balls, since they are the primary step that needs to be satisfied before Shenron is even called into question.  During any match of Dragon Ball FighterZ, you may notice that there are Dragon Balls being collected on the bottom-middle of the screen, specifically filling up slots when certain combos are completed.  The Dragon Ball collecting is shared through both teams, so the inventory of Dragon Balls is built collectively.  There are a total of 7 dragon balls that can be collected during a match, and they are rewarded in 2 different ways.

Tien hits with the first Light Autocombo of the game, so the Four Star Dragon Ball is earned.

The first way to collect a dragon ball is by performing a Light Autocombo.  By repeatedly pressing L, your combo will end with a Dynamic knockdown, which will award a Dragon Ball.  It is a common belief that the Dragon Ball given via this method is random, but that is an entirely false statement.  Dragon Balls are always rewarded in the following order: Four Star, Two Star, Five Star, Three Star, Six Star, Seven Star, and One Star.  If one of these Dragon Balls are already earned, then the next one in line is earned instead.

Yamcha’s 36 Hit Combo earns the Three Star Dragon Ball.

The other way to collect a Dragon Ball is by doing a certain number of hits in a combo to unlock the required Dragon Ball.  If the first digit of a 2 digit hit combo performed matches a vacant Dragon Ball slot, you will earn that Dragon Ball.  For example, Combos with 10 -19 hits will earn the One Star Dragon Ball, Combos with 40 – 49 hits will earn the Four Star Dragon Ball, etc.  Single digit combos or combos over 79 hits will not earn a Dragon Ball unless they satisfy the Dynamic property listed above.

Tien did a Dynamic Combo while 7 Dragon Balls were collected! Now he gets to have a wish granted by Shenron.

Once all seven Dragon Balls are collected, the next Dynamic combo performed while having a full Ki Gauge of 7 bars will summon Shenron.  It is fine if the Dynamic Combo builds meter up to 7 bars, as long as the Dynamic combo’s final hit ends with the meter displaying 7 bars.  Summoning Shenron will also not spend the 7 bars that are required for activation.  Once summoned, the player who summoned Shenron can SELECT (You must select the wish. You have 5 seconds to select it, and cannot highlight your option and let the time run out, or else the summon will be worthless) 1 of the 4 following wishes to be granted:

  • ‘Restore My Health!’ will bring your active character to max health (Green Health Bar).
  • ‘Bring Back My Ally!’ will revive a character on your team with 20% health.  If two members of your team are dead, it will always be the the character in the A1 slot who is revived.
  • ‘Make Me Immortal!’ will cause your health bar to glow, and will allow your team’s active character to restore blue health at around the same rate as assist characters.  This buff gets transferred throughout the entire team and is active for the remainder of the match.  It is dissimilar to the Sparking health buff however though, since the regeneration doesn’t occur while you are taking damage.
  • ‘Give Me The Ultimate Power!’ will grant you another Sparking Blast.  If you have already used your first Sparking Blast, you will replace the used one.  If you haven’t used it, you will have access to two Sparking Blasts for the remainder of the match (You will actually have Two Sparking icons side by side).  The Sparking Blast given by Shenron has the same properties as your base Sparking Blast.
The Dragon Balls are greyed out after a Shenron Summon occurs, which means no more Dragon Balls can be collected. Shenron can only be summoned once per match!

Dragon Balls and Shenron are sort of a niche thing to go for since the requirements are super strict.  That’s not to say that it’s impossible for the opportunity to arise where a Shenron summon is possible, but it’s very rare and should honestly be something kept in a player’s deep subconscious when playing.  Be wary of how many Dragon Balls are collected, but don’t make any overt dedicated efforts in trying to collect them all as an early strategy.  You will miss out on damage by performing Autocombos, and complicate your other combos by aiming for certain numbers of hits.

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