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Fully Invincible Attacks

A Wake Up DP in DBFZ: Massive Vanish Scaling + No Unrecoverable Damage Done = Was it Worth it?

There’s actually more science behind why it’s suggested to not do as many raw Meteor Attacks as possible.  They may not be doing the type of damage that you’d like them to do!  As previously noted, Meteor Attacks are universal maneuvers that are fully invincible on startup.  There are a couple of other character specific attacks that have full invincibility on startup such as Gohan’s (Teen) “Dragon Flight” (214L, M, or H).  These attacks are often called Dragon Punches, or DP’s, because they share similarities with classic Street Fighter character Ryu’s  ‘Shoryuken’.

Nice Super Kid. It’d be a shame if all of that health was…recovered.

When these attacks are used as reversals, or when these attacks hit first in a combo, the damage done will be blue life damage, NOT permanent damage.  This means that if you do a raw Meteor Attack, your opponent will take the damage as recoverable health.  This also means that if you were to combo off of an invincible move, ALL the damage that is a part of that combo is recoverable.  Yellow life is still initially lost, which means you can still kill with raw invincible attacks.  Just be mindful that the damage done from these maneuvers has a chance to be recovered.

So is it suggested to never use fully invincible attacks as reversals at all?  Of course not.  These are “get off me” options that can come in handy on wake-up or while defending against pressure.  Letting go of them altogether would significantly hinder your defensive options.  However, in order to use these options properly and efficiently, it’s necessary to understand the implications that come behind them.  Upon failure, you can expect to eat some punishment depending on the situation.  Upon success, you’ll need to have a follow-up plan to make sure your efforts aren’t in vain.  This might mean applying pressure after the reversal has landed, or baiting an opponents Z Change with a 2H punish combo that ends with a Dragon Rush snapback to bring the blue life character back in!

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