Advanced Defense

Guard Cancel

Beerus is to the rescue thanks to Guard Cancel!

Don’t be fooled! You can also switch to your assist characters on defense as long as you have some meter to spend.  Guard Cancels allow you to cancel your blocking animation into a swift switch for one of your assist characters.  To perform it, input 6A1 or 6A2 while blocking.  Guard Cancels cost 1 bar of meter, and will allow your assist character to perform an attack upon entry that will knock down if it connects.  Be careful if your Guard Cancel is blocked however, as it will result in a punish.  Guard Cancel also retains the cooldown properties of a Z Change, meaning you won’t be able to use your previous active character for a brief period of time, and the incoming character’s blue health will disappear upon becoming the active character.

You can perform a Guard Cancel even if you have no teammates!

Guard Cancels can also be performed when only 1 character remains on a team.  Instead of a Z Change animation, you will instead teleport behind the opponent and attack.  The Solo Guard Cancel retains the same hit and block properties, meaning that you are still liable to get punished if a Solo Guard Cancel is blocked.  This is a valuable method when used to escape the corner as long as it’s successfully executed.

Guard Cancels aren’t infallible maneuvers. Here’s both versions of Guard Cancel being punished.

Try to use Guard Cancels when you are in dire need of a way out and have found yourself in oppressive situations.  If your active character is a hit away from dying and you are already blocking pressure from your opponent, you can decide to be greedy and run the risk of them dying by waiting to find a gap in the pressure, but it might be more beneficial to save them at the cost of a meter.


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