Health and Meter


Winning a game of Dragon Ball FighterZ requires you to deplete the health of all 3 opposing characters before your opponent depletes the health of all 3 of your characters.  All characters have a health value of 10,000 HP.  You can only actively control one character at one time, but multiple characters can be on the screen in the form of assists, and active characters can be switched around through tagging.  The current active character is noted by the character whose health bar is at the top of your team’s trio of health bars.  If a character dies, they are no longer able to be used as an active character or an assist.

1. Green = A full health bar 2. Yellow = Remaining health 3. Black = Unrecoverable health / Damage dealt 4. Blue = Recoverable health

The health bar has five different colors associated with it.  Green means that the character is at their maximum health.  Yellow indicates that the character is not at their maximum health, and shows how much health remains.  Red indicates the amount of health that is going to be lost after the end of a combo.  Black indicates health that is permanently lost and unrecoverable.  Blue indicates the amount of health that is lost and recoverable.  Blue health will gradually recover into yellow health (or a green health bar if the health recovered ends with a full health bar) when a character is not in the active slot and are in the assist slots.  This health recovery will cease and the remaining blue health will disappear if the assist character is ever moved into the active character slot.  A character will die when all of the yellow health is depleted, even if there is blue health that could’ve been recovered.  When a character dies, they will be moved to the bottommost slot of your team, their health bar will disappear, and their character icon will fade to gray.  In addition, the character who occupies the second slot of your team will enter the fight through an entrance cutscene after the active character dies.  If the second character had any blue health, it will disappear upon entrance.

Hypothetically, If the time ran out here, Piccolo wins this match.

Dragon Ball Fighterz also has a time limit of 300 seconds.  If the timer runs down to 0, the team with the most amount of cumulative active health will win.  Blue health is not factored into the totals that are calculated in the case of time running out.  The amount of characters also plays no precedent when deciding who wins a time over (For example, in the case of a time over where a Piccolo has a full health green health bar and 2 dead teammates versus a Goku Black, Beerus, and Trunks who all possess less than 1/3 of yellow health, the Piccolo would be victorious).

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