Basic Offense

Mids, Lows, and Overheads (Guard Break)

Attacks hit in 3 types of ways: Mid, Low, or Overhead.

A Mid Attack (Blocked Standing or Crouching), A Low Attack (Only Blocked Crouching), and an Overhead Attack (Only Blocked Standing)

Mid attacks can be stand or crouch blocked, and is what the majority of attacks fall under.  Most standing attacks hit mid but there are some exceptions.  In addition, most supers will also hit mid.

Low attacks must be blocked crouching and hit opponents who are stand blocking.  Some common low attacks are 2M and 2L, but low attacks vary throughout the cast.  There are also characters who have lows built into their specials, or may even have a standing low attack.  Experiment with your characters to find out all of the low options they have, as it is necessary for mixing up opponents.

A Guard Break (6M), or Universal Overhead

Overhead attacks must be blocked standing and hit opponents who are crouch blocking.  Every character in the game has a safe (0 on block) universal overhead bound to 6M which is called a ‘Guard Break’ (Hint: No one actually calls them ‘Guard Breaks’.  It’s just called an overhead).   6M cannot be special, jump, or dash cancelled, which means it is a stray hit (Sparking and Z Assists have some ways to grant you some damage off of 6M’s though). In addition to 6M, some jumping attacks are also overheads.  Specifically, Jumping L, Jumping M, and Jumping H are all overheads while specials and airborne unique attacks such as Jumping 2H are not overheads unless specifically stated.

6 Overheads and 4 Lows in less than 6 seconds. The computer blocked this. Can your opponent?

Pressure that utilizes jumping attacks are where techniques like Instant Air Dash really shine, since you can perform really fast overheads that give the opponent a reason to stand and crouch on defense as long as you’re mixing in lows.  You can cram a bunch of jumping attacks into an instant air dash if you are creative, and if your character has multiple grounded lows, then you’re going to be an insanely oppressive force to be reckoned with.  Every character has different routes and tools to mix in their overheads and lows.  Not to mention, Z Assists can come in handy for adding more block stun, which can elongate your pressure even further.

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