As stated earlier, movement in DBFZ isn’t too dissimilar from movement in a typical 2D fighting game, especially grounded movement.  

Walking and Dashing

6 will move you forward, 4 will move you backward, and 2 will allow you to crouch.  The more unique stuff comes from dashing.  To input a back dash, you do 44.  This will allow you to retreat from the opponent with a fairly quick dash backwards.  On the contrary, forward dashing is performed with 66.  Doing 66 and returning the movement to neutral will do a swift dash forward, however inputting 66 and holding the last 6 will allow you to run endlessly until you return the movement back to neutral.  Dashing is crucial for being able to cover distances quickly and positioning yourself correctly.

A multitude of jump options

As for air movement, inputting 8 will allow you to do a regular neutral jump, a jump that launches you straight up into the air.  You can alter the angle of your jump with 9 and 7.  9 gives you a regular forward jump and 7 gives you a regular back jump.  However, these are all just regular jumps, and the initial distance can be increased by performing a technique called Hyper Jumping.  Hyper jumps are performed by inputting 2 before your desired jump.  So respectively, 28 will give you a hyper neutral jump, 29 will give you a hyper forward jump, and 27 will give you a hyper back jump.  The hyper jump launches you significantly higher than a typical regular jump, which can have it’s uses when avoiding the ground, running away, or pursuing an airborne opponent.  Hyper Jumps are also subject to directional influences.  You can control where you will land after hyper jumping by inputting either 7 or 9.  There is also a technique called a Short Hyper Jump.  It is inputted by doing a hyper jump but ending the input with 2 (i.e. 282, 292, etc.).  A Short Hyper Jump will allow you to carry the momentum from a typical hyper jump while decreasing the vertical distance traveled.  Short Hyper Jumps are also subject to directional influence.

Once you are airborne via any of the jump techniques, there are even more actions you can do to alter your jump’s height and angle.  You can perform double jumps by inputting 7, 8, or 9 after inputting any jump.  7 will of course move you backwards while 8 will double jump straight up and 9 will double jump forward.  Alternatively, you can also dash while in midair by inputting 66 or 44 after you jump. It should be noted that you are only limited to performing one of these actions with every inputted jump.  Once you jump, you’re allowed one additional air action in the form of a double jump or an air dash.  You cannot double jump and then air dash nor can you air dash and then double jump.

Instant Air Dashes

Air dashing is very important since a lot of pressure and offense can be explored through approaching with an air dash since it is swift.  However, the effectiveness of an air dash is sometimes contingent on the fact the dash being done as swift as possible, which means transitioning from jumping to air dashing as soon as possible.  This might be a little frantic to input if you are trying to do a jump into 66 or 44 in a super-fast motion, and could easily result in some input errors or doing an air dash slower than what’s actually possible.  Luckily, there are multiple ways to do instant air dashes forward and backward.  By inputting 956 or 96H+S, your character will jump and instantly air dash forward (Note: For the first option, you must return to Neutral (5) in between 9 and 6 for this to work).  This is a very valuable skill to use in order to cover air space as swift as possible, and for doing air dashes as low as possible so your opponent has less time to react to them.  Use forward instant air dashes wisely to catch your opponent by surprise with airborne attacks!  On the contrary, by inputting 754, your character will jump instantly air dash backward.  This can be a useful tactic for baiting anti-airs or just getting some space away from your opponent while mixing up your air actions.

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