Basic Offense

Attacks and Attack Strengths

There are 4 different strengths of attacks: Light (L), Medium (M), Heavy (H), and Special (S).  These stray buttons are often referred to as “Normals”.

Goku’s Light Autocombo

Light attacks are swift attacks that come out fast but don’t do much damage on their own.  The added benefit of lights specifically in DBFZ is that Autocombos can be executed by repeatedly hitting the light button while standing or jumping.  A full Light Autocombo also grants a random dragonball that can be used towards a Shenron summon.  You can also cancel standing Light attacks into jumps.  Light Autocombos have special properties of their own although some of the moves are taken from other buttons, so be sure to test out Autocombo usability when constructing full combos of your own!

2M5M is a common combo starter.

Medium attacks are slightly slower attacks that do a good amount of damage and are commonly relied on when starting up combos.  A very typical combo starter involves doing 2M5M jump cancel M.  Hitting M repeatedly will also grant you an Autocombo, however M Autocombos do not grant you a Shenron summon.  M Autocombos will also spend 1 bar of your meter at the very end of your combo on a super if it’s available for use.  M Autocombos can also only be done if they are started from 5M.  Similar to Light Autocombos, the moves in a Medium Autocombo also have special properties!  As opposed to Light Autocombos however, if you repeatedly hit M on an airborne opponent, it will not grant you an Autocombo.  You can also cancel standing Medium attacks into jumps.

Get that outta here! Use 2H to counter a Super Dash!

Heavy attacks are slower attacks that tack on a good amount of damage and typically send your opponent flying across the screen, sometimes with a Smash.  Using Heavy attacks in different ways can make your opponent fly in different directions.  For example, 5H will send your opponent flying straight towards the opposite side of the screen.  2H or airborne 2H will send your opponent flying straight up in the air.  Most airborne H’s landed on an airborne opponent send the enemy flying straight towards the ground.  But one of the most important H’s to learn the properties of is a grounded 2H.  Grounded 2H’s are solid anti-air attacks as they are flat out invulnerable to airborne attacks.  This means that if your opponent is trying to jump in and attack you, you can 2H them straight out of the air for a punish.  2H’s are also imperative when it comes to stuffing super dashes.  Reacting to Super Dashes with 2H are an integral skill for maintaining solid defense and keeping your opponent honest, as Super Dashes can quickly become overwhelming to deal with if they aren’t handled properly.

Goku’s S attack (Ki Blasts) and Hit’s S attack (A Parry)

Last but not least are Special attacks.  Special attacks are buttons that are completely unique throughout the entire cast, however the most general use for them is to throw Ki blasts.  S, 2S, Air S, and Air 2S are generally the basic attacks that all do different things for the entire cast.  In the case of ki blast characters, by holding down the S button or rapidly pressing it, you can throw a barrage of ki blasts at the enemy as opposed to only throwing one by tapping it.  This can have its strengths and disadvantages, for there are a lot of ways to get through projectiles in DBFZ.  Be sure to experiment with all the options that this button has to offer, for it can be very crucial and easy to forget tool.  An S can be responsible for extending combos, establishing space control, or even enforcing a mix-up.  The possibilities are endless and niche to each specific character.

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