Foundation of Combos and Pressure

Magic Series and Smashes

LMHH (Super Dash) LLL. A Magic Series combo that will work with the entire cast.

If you’re utilizing a basic attack chain on hit, you’ll easily be able to come up with simple combo strings that will work on practically the entire cast.  For example, 5L5M5HH (Super Dash) LLL is a full combo that ends with a knockdown, and will work with every character.  This phenomenon is known as a “Magic Series”, or chaining buttons in ascending priority on the ground and in the air to perform a basic combo.  The Magic Series is a concept that forms the foundation of all combos, as most combos end up becoming extended and more complicated versions of the Magic Series for the sake of more damaging and beneficial combos.

A Basic Double Smash conversion into a Super Attack.

Moreover, when performing Magic Series style combos in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you will notice that when your Heavy buttons make contact, the camera will impactfully zoom in on the hit and freeze the screen momentarily.  These Heavy attacks are known as ‘Smashes’.  Smashes are attacks that will launch the opponent in multiple ways depending on which Smash you perform.  On the ground, 5H will knock your opponent into the wall, while 2H will knock your opponent in the air.  Hitting H again after either option hits will give you an automated super dash.  If 2H was your Smash, you can hit H or L Autocombo (for most characters) at the end of your air combo string for an airborne Smash!  This will slam your opponent into the ground in a state where they are sliding, and you can choose to continue the combo with a Super Attack.  The airborne Smash is also accessible after a Dragon Rush or during a Light Autocombo.  If no previous Smashes have been used, then you can also trigger the same 2H Smash while in the air with an airborne 2H.  The most common way to set this up is by using 2M5M Jump Cancel into an air series that ends with 2H.

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