Basic Offense

Special Attacks and Super Dashes

L and M versions of Trunks’ Cyclone Buster (214L, M, or H) and his Shining Slash (236L, M, or H).

Every character in the game has their own unique set of special attacks.  Special attacks are usually inputted with Quarter Circle Forwards (or QCF) which are 236, and Quarter Circle Backs (or QCB) which are 214.  Special Attacks can also have different versions between light, medium, and heavy buttons.  There are even some special attacks that can be performed while airborne!

Heavy versions of specials are called EX Specials, and will spend a bar of meter upon usage.  EX Specials are essentially buffed versions of a regular special move.  Try out all of your character’s special attacks, as they are integral parts to their overall strategy.

Super Dash will beat those S Ki Blasts everytime!

A universal type of special move is the Super Dash.  Super Dashes are inputted by hitting H+S while on the ground or in the air.  It’s a homing pursuit type of attack that will first lock on to the enemy character, and then lunge at them no matter how far away they are.  Super dashes will remain active until they are blocked, interrupted, or make contact in some sort of way (unless the opponent vanishes or teleports behind you, in which case your super dash will end).  They have a fair amount of startup before they become active, however super dashes are unique because they are projectile (not beam) invulnerable.  This means that if you super dash while your opponent is throwing a projectile, you will fly straight through it and punish them.  As far as air actions go, you are allowed to do one Super Dash per airborne hang time, and won’t be able to perform another until you land.

No really…Super Dash will BEAT those S Ki Blasts EVERYTIME. Even if you blocked one already.

What’s even more interesting about super dashes, is that it shares the same mechanic as Z Reflect where if your opponent is throwing a barrage of normal Ki blasts (as in, your opponent is repeatedly hitting S), you can cancel your block stun into a Super Dash and fly straight through the projectiles.  Keep in mind however, that this technique only consistently works on normal Ki Blasts and projectiles performed through S.  You will not be able to cancel your block stun into a Super Dash after blocking Vegeta’s “Consecutive Energy Blast” (236+S).  You would need to Super Dash through the first Ki Blast Vegeta throws before blocking the string of Ki Blasts.  Contrarily, you can cancel your block stun into a Super Dash after blocking Gotenks’ “DIE DIE Missile Barrage” (214+S) or variations of Beerus’ ball attacks.  The rules for what special projectiles can be super dashed through during block stun are a bit blurry, but there are some that exist!

Trunks, please. I said Super Dash can beat Ki Blasts. NOT Beams!

Another distinction that needs to be made is that there is a difference between projectiles and beams.  Super Dashes are projectile invulnerable, but beams such as a “Kamehameha” fall under a different category.  There are also some special moves that may seem like projectiles but actually have beam priority such as Frieza’s “You might not survive this time” (236+S) and Android 21’s “Total Detonation Ball” (236+L, M, or H).  Be careful when throwing out super dashes against special moves!  They don’t all appear as they seem.

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