Foundation of Combos and Pressure

Special Cancels

Low Forward Hadoken? Nah man. 2M > Kamehameha!

A concept that might be a little less foreign to you if this isn’t your first fighting game though is Special Cancels.  Special Cancels are when you cancel your attacks into special moves.  Most basic attacks can cancel into special moves with the exception of 6M (6M is special cancellable while in Sparking).  Super Dashes are also counted as special moves, which means anything you can cancel into a super dash can also cancel into a special move and vice versa.

Trunks can’t punish this string on block. He could’ve instead interrupted the Dragon Flash Fist with 2H, Guard Cancel, or Z Reflect to get out of this situation.

Special Cancels are very beneficial to learn and become second nature for the sake of combos, but they can also be used at the end of Chained strings in order to create safer pressure.  For example, if you are using Goku (Super Saiyan) and perform the string 2L 5L 2M 5M 5H236+L (Dragon Flash Fist), you leave yourself at an advantage where it isn’t punishable if blocked.   More importantly, if you are using this string for pressure, if anything before the “Dragon Flash Fist” hits, you get a fair amount of time to try to hit confirm into a damaging combo of your own.  Strings and strategies like this are key to creating strong offense and making the buttons you hit scary to deal with on defense, in conjunction with mixing up lows and overheads.  You can even use Z Assists to cover otherwise unsafe special cancels!

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