Advanced Offense

Super Attacks

One of Goku Black’s Super Attacks, “God Slicer Dance” (236+L+M).

One of the flashiest ways to spend meter is through super attacks.  All characters have at least 2 supers, including one super that costs 1 bar, and one Meteor Attack that costs 3 bars.  Supers tend to be a character’s most damaging attack, but can have other uses such as Frieza’s power up state “Golden Frieza” (214+H+S), or Gohan’s (Adult) install super “Released Power” (214+Any 2 buttons).  Meteor Attacks always do more damage than Super Attacks since they cost more meter, and Meteor Attacks are also invincible on startup.  

A Double Smash conversion into a Meteor Attack Finish off of a ground slide. Now that’s stylish!

Super Attacks are also unique because they can be directly cancelled into from any special cancellable normal, or cancelled into from special attacks.  Every character uses supers differently and every player uses supers differently.  The strategies can range from saving meter for supers only when they will kill on hit, using them as long as you have meter so that damage is always maximized, or never using them for any purpose other than raw Meteor Attacks when the opponent least suspects it (Note: I’m 100% not suggesting you do the last option, but it is an option nonetheless. Find out why).  There’s plenty of creative options to explore when implementing Super Attacks into your combos, but the most common and universal way to do it is through utilizing Smashes and other moves that cause a ground slide state.

Pressure just seems to be way too overwhelming. I need a way out! Click Frieza to go to “Advanced Defense: Guard Cancel”
I’m never going to land one of these if all my opponent does is block. Click Android 18 to go to “Advanced Offense: Dragon Rushes/Throws”