Fighting as a Team!

Z Changes and Ultimate Z Changes

This combo is a friendly reminder that Dragon Ball FighterZ is a TEAM game! It also utilizes both of the upcoming topics: Z Changes and Ultimate Z Changes.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a tag team game, which means there are a multitude of ways to switch between your characters and utilize your teammates when they aren’t the active character, especially on offense.  DBFZ heavily revolves around managing your team correctly so they are indeed fighting as a supplemental team, and not 3 solo characters.

Majin Buu Z Changes into Goku Black, and Goku Black Quick Z Changes into Vegeta.


Z Changes allow you to switch your active character with one of your assist characters by holding down A1 or A2 or by performing 6A1 or 6A2 for a Quick Z Change.  Upon using a Z change, there will be a brief window where you cannot use your assist characters to perform any actions, and a slightly longer window where you cannot use the character that was just taken out of battle to perform a Z assist.  The Z Change animation itself for the incoming character is actually a super dash, meaning that your character will come in Projectile invulnerable and homing towards the opponent.  There are also niche situations where you might be able to combo into a Z Change if it is set up properly.  Don’t forget that using a Z Change will get rid of the incoming character’s recoverable blue health upon becoming the active character!

An Ultimate Z Change into Goku Black’s Super Attack and an Ultimate Z Change into Majin Buu’s Meteor Attack. Nappa is looking like a snack.

Ultimate Z Changes are Z Changes that replace the Super Dash animation with a Super Attack.  Ultimate Z Changes can be very useful for tacking on a massive amount of damage to the end of a combo, and/or for bringing in an assist character safely, since Super Attacks can be very tedious to punish on block and usually result in miniscule punishes.  One way to execute an Ultimate Z Change is during an active character’s Super Attack.  You’ll want to hit A1 or A2 while your active character is performing a Super Attack, which will then bring in your assist character to perform a Super attack of their own and make them the active character.  You can even do a double Ultimate Z Change by cancelling one of your Ultimate Z Changes into another Ultimate Z Change using the other assist character.  Unfortunately, you can only Ultimate Z Change if the primary Super Attack used costs 1 bar, which means you can’t Ultimate Z Change after a Meteor Attack.  However, you absolutely can Ultimate Z Change INTO your assist character’s Meteor Attacks!  Just hit 4A1 or 4A2 while your active character is performing a 1 bar Super Attack, and you will do an Ultimate Z Change with a Meteor Attack.  It should be noted that if you use a character who has more than one Super Attack or Meteor Attack for an Ultimate Z Change, the super they will perform upon entry is preset and cannot be altered.  Ultimate Z Changes will also get rid of an incoming character’s blue health upon becoming the active character.

A Super Cancelled Ultimate Z Change into Vegeta.

Another way to execute an Ultimate Z Change is by Super Cancelling into them from your active character’s attacks or specials.  This is achieved by performing 41236+A1 or A2 for a Super Attack, or 63214+A1 or A2 for a Meteor Attack.  This can prove to be especially useful if you have a damaging combo with your active character, but can’t find a way to end the combo in a Super Attack.  Your teammates might be able to attack in certain angles or speeds that your active character can’t, so be sure to experiment with your team to see all the options you can truly extract from a situation.

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